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FINE Incorporation

FINE is a dynamic & venture enterprise engaged in Automotive manufacturing equipment, Wastewater treatment systems, Rubber-related new materials, and Boat special defense business since established in 1989 in Busan metropolitan city, Korea.


FINE has been providing Automobile Engine Washing system applying for transmission assembly lines, Leak Test machine, and Automating systems with domestic automobile companies.


FINE is a leading manufacturer and supplier for various kinds of wastewater sludge dewatering systems such as Electro Osmosis Sludge dewatering system, FINE ELODE for 2nd stage mounting with 1st mechanical dewatering equipment (Beltpress, Filter press, Decanter, Screwpress, Centrifuge etc). FINE's High-efficiency Belt-press, Centrifuge machine can control 1st stage sludge dehydration processing as well. FINE ELODE & Beltpress, Centrifuge equipment will be a most suitable for all types of WWTP, WTP and other water sites.


FINE's New Material Development Manufacturing high-abrasion rubber sheet (SCM Film) which is using for Special rubber sheet, Rubber boat, Rigid-hulled inflatable boat, Special ship, Etc.


FINE is the nominated maker and supplier to Military standard boats for Navy, Coastguard, Marine and Rescue Department of Government-purposed boats, starting to sell domestic market for Korean Coastguards and Rescue dept. team and has broadened its market area to East-Southern Asia, Middle-Eastern Countries, North Africa and South America and others with various types of the boat according to customized specification and quality.


         Yearly 10% of total turnover has been investing in R&D, and over 130 excellent FINE talents have led the market with “PASSION, PERSISTENCE and HONESTY” under the motto of company’s management philosophy.


     FINE Inc. constantly researches and challenges we are engaged in all business are “For mankind, For society and Protect the clean earth environment” and will strive to grow continuously with an advanced technology, Eco-friendly, and a green company.


     FINE Inc is praying that all of these benefits will be returned to society and shared together to become a warmer and happier global village and pray for blessings to all those who join with FINE Inc.


Thank you and With best regards,




Chairman & CEO

Lee, Sang-Joon (P.E) and all staffs


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