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     The up-graded New ELODE will transform various kinds of sludge into the new renewable energy/resource and believe that ELODE will be a valuable system to keep clear water and clean ground for next generation.


The main component of the electro-osmosis dehydrator is “Main Drum, CATHODE & ANODE with DC Supply”.


     In case of Old ELODE's equipment, when the conductivity of the sludge is above 6000㎲, the electricity consumption suddenly is increased by the sudden current application of the sludge. at same time, such this kinds of problem are making the explosion, the melting of the belt filter occurred due to the spark phenomenon and gas generation.


     Up-graded New ELODE has completely solved this kind of problem. NEW ELODE has not only a very high-efficiency dewatering rate even 12,000㎲ but also has reduced electric energy consumption more than 20% compared to conventional ELODE.


     In case of NEW EODS-3000 (Belt Width 3000mm), Main Drum guarantees 24 months even at high-conductivity sludge of 10,000㎲, and replacement cost is cheaper than conventional ELODE. NEW ELODE core part such as Main drum and Caterpillar are breakdown free & guaranteed for 2years.



     After the final commercialization in 2016, 2 sets ELODE, as EODS-1500 (Belt Width 1500mm) and EODS-3000 (Belt Width 3000mm) were installed in [SongWon Industries] and [Dupont® Korea] for each, which were the most difficult High-organic dewatered sludge with 15,000μs+ conductivity. It has been completely operating & up-graded for 3 years without any troubles.


     Especially 20% electric consumption was saved, reduced 50% final cake volume, ROI was less 2years. The most expendable Beltfilter is developed as a special Beltfilter that guarantees low price and long durability, Caterpillar does not need to be replaced, and the Main Drum has enhanced durability to withstand the worst sludge.

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