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30years Accumulated DECANTER, CENTRIFUGE, BELT-PRESS, FILTER-PRESS, VACUUM-PRESS, SCREW-PRESS, DRUM THICKENER's Manufacturing know-how. More than 3,000units, 1,000 sites References and Field Experience. Rapid After sales service, realizing customer impressions.

Vacuum Belt Filter is to filter and dewater sludge generated during desulfurizing and chemical processes and can be applied to various facilities and processes including power plants. Slurry coming from settlement and distribution facilities is spread over the filter top. And then it is vacuum-dewatered for final disposal. Compared to gypsum, the disposed slurry has 15~20wt% of water content and its thickness can be reduced to 30~70mm. For unmanned operation, sensors and transmitters are installed in major parts. And real-time checking from the operation room is possible. Also, the alignment unit and the washing unit are added to prevent belts and filter cloths from being mislocated.


• The inflow flux of the drum and angle and speed is controlled and the control of the sludge concentration is possible.
• The maintenance management cost is cheap to the low-power.
• By applying the automatic operation way, the automated system operation is possible.
• The bad smell and sludge fly generation is small in the encapsulated type.
• It is applicable to the various process(the sewage, effluent, night soil treatment plant, and etc).

• Chemicals, Bio-processing
• Rubber and plastics

• Waste processes
• Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemical, Metallurgy, Foodstuffs etc.

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