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30years Accumulated DECANTER, CENTRIFUGE, BELT-PRESS, FILTER-PRESS, VACUUM-PRESS, SCREW-PRESS, DRUM THICKENER's Manufacturing know-how. More than 3,000units, 1,000 sites References and Field Experience. Rapid After sales service, realizing customer impressions.

1) In the auto control mode, although the concentration of the input sludge changes from time to time, THICKENING DECANTER CENTRIFUGE control automatically for different speed value, ejected flude is constant concentrate and possible to continuous treatment with setted density value.
The residual sludge of the low concentration is ejected into the high enrichment and if use polymer, the solid(SS) can be removed over the recovery rate 95%.


2) The low speed drum thickner is the instrument which rotates the instrument with the way that it supplies the floc (Floc) which reacts the medicine at the sludge with the machinery sludge thickner and is cohered within drum and outside and concentrates at a low speed and transfers the sludge the concentration.


THICKENING DECANTER CENTRIFUGE is useful to the concentration which is successive with the method in which it concentrates the sludge to the optimum efficiency by causing the artificial specific gravity difference in the sludge, in comparison with the gravity thickening and the other method. The facility size is small. Since minimizing the environment harmfulness
problem and increasing the concentrate stability and process efficiency, it excludes the settling tank of the sludge processing, digestion tank, dehydration process, auxiliary facility, and etc. or reduces and can install.

• The inflow flux of the drum and angle and speed is controlled and the control of the sludge concentration is possible.
• The maintenance management cost is cheap to the low-power.
• By applying the automatic operation way, the automated system operation is possible.
• The bad smell and sludge fly generation is small in the encapsulated type.
• It is applicable to the various process(the sewage, effluent, night soil treatment plant, and etc)..

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