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Remarkable Dewatering Technology at Lowest Energy Consumption


If you want to dramatically reduce organic activated sludge at the lowest energy cost, Would like to introduce "2018' Fully up-graded" ELODE and strongly recommend that you can apply ELODE to your SLUDGE reduction project. Hope you to choose ELODE which guarantees Min. 40%ds~Max. 70%ds for the world's first, the cheapest driving cost in the world.


ELODE system is;

① No Competitor! in the World for Sludge Dewatering~

② 30%wt(70%ds) Guarantee for most of WWTP sludge characteristics.

③ 0.25kWh/liter water removed! (Lowest Energy Consumption)!

④ 12months Recovery of Investment (Faster ROI)

⑤ World Lowest Operating Expenditure!

⑥ World Lowest Capital Expenditure!


▶ Creating Values with ELODE

Decreasing the moisture level of sludge cakes down to 15wt% reduces the overall weight of the cakes by more than 50%. ELODE significantly reduces the amount of sludge to be treated by reducing the moisture level of sludge by more than 20wt% from the moisture level of sludge generated by conventional pressure-applying dehydrators. ELODE provides a perfect solution for today’s world where marine disposal of sludge is restricted by enhanced environmental regulations.



▶ Convenience and Safety of ELODE:

ELODE, which is the product of commercializing electro-osmosis dehydrators that were only dreamed of in the past, has secured utmost safety of the users through countless electric trials. ELODE, which can be easily operated by trained users, fully warrants its safety and reliability.



ELODE Warranty:

ELODE ensures its superior quality and performance on the basis of strict principles and methods of manufacturing to which it adheres. If you want the most and best out of your dehydrator, ELODE is the answer for you. ELODE warrants the drum quality for 24 months; the belt filter for 6 months; and the hardware for 5 years.



▶ Cost-Effectiveness and Ease in Part Replacement

ELODE with superb quality and affordable price guarantees complete customer satisfaction by ensuring low prices and ease in replacing parts and components of the system.

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