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The management philosophy of 'the man is the property' at present and it will continue in the future. Over 130 experienced employees have laid the foundation for sustainable growing management. FINE has created a crisis as an opportunity because of its "management focused on talents" every crisis since its founding.

FINE has been awarded numerous outstanding company prizes from the Korean government and is becoming a best practice company for SMEs.
Lee Sang Joon
Founder and CEO

Graduated from Seoul National University College of Engineering and has been doing a professional business manager for 40 years, acquired National Government Excellent Enterprise.

He is in charge of a chairman of Venture Business Company of Busan Small & Medium Business in Busan-City.

Antonio KIM
President &
Managing Director

President of Bluewin company and has been engaged in sludge dewatering and sludge reduction for 30 years, and currently serves as the head of overseas business of FINE INC.

Lim Jong Hoon
Vice President

He is a graduate of Pusan National University and has been managing the management and personnel management as a board member of FINE.

Son Se In

25 years ago, Mr. Son Se-In (ELODE’s Inventor) started to develop electro-osmosis dehydrator for many years and 1st launching machine developed and commercialized the world's first, World Unique ELODE(electro-osmosis dehydrator) in 2001’ and supplied 36sets to the world between 2001~2013. But then it was incomplete. Because of the gas, organic constituents, and high conductivity of the sludge is easily making the Main Drum corroded in less 1 year and energy consumption was between 0.65~0.72kW/liter removed. Finally commercialized a trouble-free Up-graded NEW ELODE and 0.50kW/liter remover electric consumption in 2014 but we never sold NEW ELODE machine till completed operating at minimum for 3years*24hours Non-stop. Especially the most difficult 12,000㎲ conductivity, High-Organic, pH Acid bad condition sludge He has been challenged, Now NEW Up-Graded ELODE machine has been operating very well and continued keep stabling without fail for 3years over.

Cho Joon Je
CTO for Mechanical system

It is one of the few in Korea that can sublimate products into works for Automation equipment, water treatment equipment design and supervision, and QC. He currently in charge of Beltpress and Drying Systems totally.

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